Dion Waiters on going Live on Instagram: “Most fun part for me is just the trash talking, bro”

Dion Waiters
Photo: youtube.com

The newest addition to the Los Angeles Lakers, Dion Waiters, was asked about the most fun part while being on Instagram Live, per Sports Illustrated:

“Most fun part for me is just the trash talking, bro. Trash talk. It’s fun, people chiming in with their opinions on different things. Who they liked who came up in the city when we was young. Summertime where guys played pickup, we got a thing in Philly called Summertime Rec. In that summertime you can’t duck no smoke. You can’t duck nobody in that basketball vibes.

That’s really what we’ve been doing, trash talking. My Instagram been going off. Unreal, man. I had Lou Will[iams] on there the other night, a bunch of different people, Kyle Lowry. It’s been fun. And one thing you know about Philly, everybody is competitive, no matter what level you’re at,” Waiters said.