Lakers’ Jared Dudley not so optimistic the NBA will resume the season

Jared Dudley
Photo: The Ringer

Jared Dudley is not so optimistic the NBA will resume the season after the coronavirus crisis is over.

The forward of the Los Angeles Lakers wants to return to the court, however this should happen under the right circumstances.

“I want the season to come back. But I want us to be able to train our bodies to where we can’t use it as an excuse. For everybody. Because there is an excuse.

If we have four to six weeks to get our body right, okay, from a physical standpoint, we’re right. Are we ready as a country? For one, I think there is going to be a time, basketball is going to be huge us to get back, for people to be able to cheer. We have to be able to start the process and I think basketball would be a good way.

So is testing available for everyone to be able to do it? Is the curve down? Have we plateaued and can we do it in the right time frame? If it’s the right time frame, not rushed, there’s no reason. And I’m someone who likes money but that should not be the main reason for us getting back right now.

That’s because you have people’s health, from the virus, health from player safety in terms of injury. We don’t have the proper stuff right now. Hopefully, we have a miracle and hopefully something changes in the next 60 days, but it’s looking more bleak by the day,” Dudley told Michael Lee of The Athletic.