The Netherlands have incurred a penalty for fielding two naturalised players  in two of their Eurobasket 2015 qualifying games.

From FIBA Europe:

“The Netherlands have been voided of two wins in the EuroBasket 2015 1st Qualification Round for playing two naturalised players.

In their games at home against Estonia on 1 August and away to Portugal on 7 August, the Netherlands were cited as having two naturalised players on their 12-man roster.

This was in violation of Article 88.3 of the regulations of FIBA Europe which clearly states that: “a national team participating in an international competition of FIBA Europe may have only one (1) naturalised player.”

As a consequence, the results of both games have been subsequently overturned with the result no going in the favour of the Netherlands’ opponents, by a score of 20-0 in both instances.

The Netherlands have seven days in which they have the right to contest the ruling.”