Photo: KSS

Men 3×3 Serbian squad won against China and Netherlands on the first day of the competition at the Olympics in Tokyo.

As it was expected in the match against China, the Serbian 3×3 was dominated and celebrated 22:13. In the first part of the game, China was able to stay in the game. Both teams were playing well till the result of 13:10 when guys from China couldn’t score free throws. After that Serbian squad was increasing the difference and with a few exhibitions moves won.

The best in the first match was Dušan Domović-Bulut 11 points, both Dejan Majstorović and Mihailo Vasić added 4, while Aleksandar Ratkov ended the game with 3.

In the second 3×3 match, against the Netherlands, Serbia celebrated with a result of 16:15. It was a more interesting match than the first one. In one moment the Netherlands 3×3 squad was winning by 2 (14:12), but the Serbian men finished the game with a win.

Mihailo Vasić was leading with 5 points, while both Bulut and Majstorović scored 4. Ratkov again added 3 points.

On the second day, the Serbian 3×3 squad will face first Poland and then Belgium at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.