Darko Milicic calls Kevin Love a ‘crybaby’ who cares for his stats only

Kevin Love
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love. AP Photo/Nick Wass

Darko Milicic, the second overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft, talked on Serbian television’s “Happy TV” about his NBA career. The Serbian center, who plays amateur basketball these days, revealed he had difficulties in adjusting to the NBA culture as all the players talked only about basketball while he had other interests in life. Another thing that Milicic did not like was the focus on individual stats as opposed to winning games and team basketball.

As an example of a player who cared about his personal stats and not about winning games, Milicic mentioned Kevin Love, calling him a ‘crybaby’. The two played together in Minnesota for two years. According to Milicic, Love was unhappy unless he scored 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Love would be so upset that he was ‘close to crying’ in the locker room.

Via Basketball Network:

“I had the opportunity to play with great players in the NBA, but they were all crybabies, like Kevin Love, for example. Minnesota Timberwolves GM wanted me to apologize to all the players on the way I behaved, and I didn’t want to apologize to those crybabies. You have a guy like Kevin Love, and don’t get me wrong I don’t have the right to talk about anything because of the way I played, and he achieved much more than I ever did. But he is a type of guy that is not satisfied if he doesn’t score twenty points and grabs ten rebounds even though we won the game. He was unhappy in the locker room and was even close to crying, and he is supposed to be your go-to guy in a championship team?

“I can’t play with those types of players, and I won’t apologize to them. I did some stupid things in my career, and I agree I was wrong, but I would never apologize to Kevin Love. I was used to different values growing up like, team basketball, teamwork, and winning games.”

Darko Milicic