The changes implemented in this season’s Euroleague have been successful, according to the Commercial Assets Shareholders Executive Board.

During a meeting at the Euroleague’s headquarters in Barcelona, a rise in several markets from capacity crowds to social media activity has been noticed by the board as the Final Four in London draws closer [May 10-12].

One of the most positive changes made this season has been the extension of the Top 16, which increased from six games to 14. In turn, it saw seven of the eight positions still to be undecided by the end of its final week. The biggest increase turned out to be the competition days, which switched from Wednesday to Friday with games on Thursday staying as normal. The ECA reported a massive 75 percent jump in TV audiences for this season.

Arena attendance also rose from last season by 38 percent, with the Final Four at the O2 Arena in the English capital expected to hold a capacity crowd of an estimated 15,700.

The Euroleague’s social media platforms has seen vast popularity with a 31 percent increase in followers on Twitter and 25 percent on the league’s Facebook page. Their biggest market has been the growth of YouTube subscribers with a massive 144 percent surge.

The Board have also reviewed the recent situations involving Euroleague side Panathinaikos and its non-compliance of the competitions rules and regulations, which include the rules of fair play amongst the opposing club sides, most notably CSKA Moscow, who put in a complaint to the Euroleague about the Greek side.

It was unanimously agreed upon that the Board would raise these issues and officially forward their concerns directly with Panathinaikos.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow and Olympiacos will compete in the 2013 Euroleague Final Four.