Rudy Gay
Photo: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Rudy Gay of the San Antonio Spurs recently featured on an episode of Danny Green’s podcast, Inside the Green Room. Both Gay and Green were teammates during the between 2017-18 for the Spurs.

When asked about how he was doing in quarantine and his initial reaction to the NBA suspending the season, Gay answered with the following:

“I’m good. Hanging in there, man. Trying to keep sane… when I got the news I was driving. I first heard that Rudy Gobert had the virus. After that, I saw them take everybody off the court. I was like ‘damn, that’s crazy’. Then like an hour later they suspended the whole season. I was like ‘that’s really crazy’.”

Green and co-host Harrison Sanford then quizzed Gay on the process that was taken with the spread of the Coronavirus throughout the NBA. He provided a valuable insight into the initial actions taken by the team and then whether the option was there to be tested.

“I don’t think anybody took it seriously at first.. let’s see how this goes. We got the app that said ok tomorrow shootaround is canceled.. then we heard the game was canceled. It was just wild. It was wild.”

“No, no. We didn’t get that into it until we found out Brooklyn had it. Cause we had just played them. The option to get the test was there. But then we were outside of the bubble at that point. I still haven’t been tested.”

Watch the full episode of Inside the Green Room below: