Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets
Photo: Bleacher Report

Kyrie Irving ‘did not deserve the criticism he got’ from the Boston Celtics fans, according to Rick Pitino.

Pitino said the superstar of the Brooklyn Nets did not deserve the level of hatred he got from Celtics fans.

“Yeah, Kyrie’s a great player. And I spoke to the Celtic equipment manager who I’m very close with, and he said Kyrie really didn’t deserve the criticism he got because he’s a good guy, very intelligent. Sometimes you gotta spend time with people before you pass judgment,” the Hall of Fame coach told New York Post’s Steve Serby.

Irving spent two years with Boston, but could not make the difference for the Celtics and lead them to the NBA title.

For his part, Pitino returned to the NCAA and will coach Iona College for the next five years.