Spurs’ Marco Belinelli describes ‘crazy situation’ in Italy amid the coronavirus crisis

Marco Belinelli San Antonio Spurs
Photo: USA Today Sports

Marco Belinelli described how crazy the situation is in Italy amid the coronavirus crisis.

The guard of the San Antonio Spurs said his family remains confined at home as part of the country’s mandatory quarantine to contain the pandemic.

“It’s just crazy. It’s like a movie. Everyone is healthy. Thank God everything is good. A lot of people weren’t ready to do that. A lot of people didn’t take that seriously like we did. Right now, people need to respect the rules.

They can’t leave their house. They can’t even go outside for grocery shopping. If you go there, the lines are just amazing. The people are standing outside [the stores]. You can only go in one at a time, too. It’s pretty tough,” Belinelli told Mark Medina of USA TODAY Sports.

Italy is the European country that has suffered the most from the coronavirus outbreak so far.