John Collins hopes that Vince Carter’s career is not over yet: “Still praying it doesn’t have to end like this”

Vince Carter
Photo: SkySports

The career of the NBA’s oldest player Vince Carter could end sooner than expected. Vinsanity had planned to retire at the end of the season but his plans may not materialize. After learning the news that the NBA season is suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, the 43-year-old forward tweeted that it could have been his last NBA game.

His teammate John Collins hopes that it’s not over for Carter yet. The Atlanta Hawks forward shared a hopeful and grateful Instagram post in appreciation of VC.

“Still praying it doesn’t have to end like this…..But regardless, I wanted to let you know you are truly appreciated. From a child watching in awe, to young man able to share this amazing journey with you. 22 years in, and still willing to lay it all in the line. Thank you VC, you will be missed. #MasterYoda #LivingLegend”

John Collins