Ricky Rubio playing with pain

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The Spanish youngster is not displaying his full potential because his knee still gives him the natural pain of someone who is recovering from ACL reparation.

Rubio, limited to 22 minutes per game played 10 games this 2012-13 season in NBA and it hasn’t been the flashy point guard that we recall prior to his injury on the left knee. He’s currently averaging a career low 4.6 assists per contest and yet to make a double digit game in scoring this year.

Normally a surgery like the wonder kid had has a timetable for a full recovery of at least a year or sometimes a year and a half; it’s good to remember that the player came back to the courts 9 months after the incident against the Lakers in the last minutes of the game.

Talking to nba.com before the Mavs game, Ricky explained that “It’s tough when you’re playing with something in your mind; you don’t want to think about it, but it’s in your mind that you’re going slower and you are not who you used to be. That’s going to come, but you have to be patient.”.

We all can see that, his explosiveness and quick speed is not there yet and he just shows some flashes in his limited minutes because Rubio’s game is not above the rim. But playing against top level guards like Westbrook, Irving, Rondo, etc is a “no days off work” especially on defense when they are all in the attack mode constantly.

April is the mark to clear one year of the injury for the 22 year old player, and it’s expected to see a lot more from him after the All Star Break helping the Minnesota Timberwolves to fight for a spot in the playoff.