Joey Dorsey expressed his wish to leave Olympiacos right after the defeat against Zalgiris.’s Antonis Kalkavouras was the first to interview him and we have translated it for our international readers.

Everything started in the locker rooms right after the match where Dorsey was heard by several reporters telling Acie Law “I’m done from here man. I swear to God, I can’t take it anymore.”

The full interview to Antonis Kalkavouras of (right after the game last night):

Maybe it’s not the best time, since you were upset in the locker rooms, but why does Olympiacos have such a poor performance during the past 20 days?

I don’t want to accuse anyone spesifically but I saw this (the defeat vs Zalgiris) coming and I told someone at the bench, when I was subbed: “If we keep doing this, they will punish us. The score was 12-5 at that point and we played good team defense. And while in the first quarter we played all for one and one for all, we all became selfish in the second quarter. I don’t know why but I suppose some players started playing for their statline, with zero effort on the defensive end. Like against Anadolu Efes. This is against Olympiacos philosophy and I don’t like it. I can’t play with people like that.

What’s going with Olympiacos inside game? Why do the big guys get so little touches and there is almost no post-up game at all?

I don’t want to accuse the coach but I’ve said this before, your center must be happy if you are to ask him to play tough defense. At some point he will want to get a touch or two (Dorsey didn’t attempt a single shot last ngiht). It was a tought night for me, and as I said before, I saw this coming.

The scoring problem is not something new as we witnessed in Istanbul and OAKA, where your win over Panathinaikos just covered up the problem, what is the team doing wrong, in your opinion?

It’s just the philosophy of the new coach, this is the way he wants us to play. The team playing style has changed significantly compared to last year and I’m not happy about that. But I’m not a quiter, I’m a fighter and I want to win. I don’t care about my statline and I came back just to help this team keep winning, but right now we are far from playing as a team. Everybody plays for himself and I don’t like that.

When was the last game you didn’t take a single shot?

I don’t really care about that, since I’m more of a defender. My heart belong to defense and when I see my teammates not even trying I get upset with everyone.

Do you think the situation is reversible, since the season is just beginning?

I don’t know, right now I’m very upset. Tomorrow I have to speak with the coach because at this point I feel very disappointed with the way the team is playing.