Olivera Vasic-Cirkovic, a former international with Yugoslavia NT and also former player of teams such as Red Star and Panathinaikos and a member of the notorious “Pink Panthers” international jewel thief network, has been arrested again in Greece, three months after her jail break.

The gang member are responsible for some of the most spectacular heists in modern history and some police authorities estimate that they are responsible for robberies worth a total of $500.000.000 (yes, half a billion) over the course of many years in even more countries, some of which include UK, Switzerland, France, Japan, Germany, Luxemburg, Spain and many more.

According to police estimations the Pink Panther group consists of tens of member, most of which from Serbia and Montenegro. One of those is the aforementioned former basketball player.

Two Serbian nationals, including 193cm Vasic-Cirkovic, were arrested in Athens last March, while planning yet another robbery, which would add more to their existing 200.000 loot. Their arrest led the authorities to an apartment where police found guns, wigs and false documents, including a fake Slovenian passport belonging to a female, thus the police was able for the first time to link her with the gang, as she already criminal record in Greece, for a robbery in 2006.

Four months later she became the first and only female convict in Greek history who have escaped from a jail. She managed that by gaining the guards’ trust who allowed her to draw some graffiti on the walls near the gates. Claiming she was expecting a shipment of paint to be delivered she talked the guard into opening the gates. That’s when Olivera got the opportunity to knock out the guard, take the keys and flee with the paint delivery man, who was in it all along.

However her freedom was short-lived as police arrested her yesterday after getting a tip regarding four Serbs in a hideout.