Trae Young

Trae Young has no intention of eliminating nutmegging from his game after he was told by Trevor Ariza to never do that again, at least not to him.

“I told him, ‘Don’t do that s–t again; not to me at least,'” Ariza said, per Jason Quick of The Athletic. “I mean, I’ve never made an All-Defensive team or none of that s–t, and he’s an All-Star, so he can be creative by ways to get around me. But all the, like, funnies? I’m not with the funnies. I don’t like the funnies.”

“Nah, I ain’t about to stop nutmegging. That’s going to be in my game until I’m done,” the Hawks star said when asked by Chris Kirschner of The Athletic if he was going to stop nutmegging.