Matt Barnes Kobe Bryant
Photo: Bleacher Report

Matt Barnes admitted he is still struggling to cope with the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, who passed away on a helicopter crash last month (January 26).

“It’s a bad dream. Kobe’s gone. It’s not supposed to happen to someone like Kobe…he’s bigger than that. It’s not supposed to happen to Kob. We won’t get to hear him again, he won’t get to continue to spread the love and knowledge that he had.

He was touchable. One of the greatest players on earth, you could say hi to him you could take pictures with him. I just miss the father.

Obviously tremendous, one of the greatest. I don’t care about that. I miss the guy that would do anything for my kids, that would do anything for his daughters, would do anything for anybody,” Barnes said in a clip from ET Online.

Barnes and Bryant were teammates in the Los Angeles Lakers for three years (2010-2012).