Photo: FOX Sports

When people hear the name “Greg Oden”, the word “bust” often comes to mind. The first overall draft pick of the 2007 NBA Draft had a rather disappointing NBA career. At the age of 32 he is no longer playing professional basketball, his last pro game was back in 2016.

Oden was plagued with injuries right from the time he entered the NBA. From 2007 till 2014 he played just 114 games. That’s including both regular season and playoffs.

Former NBA player talked to Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype about many things, including the word “bust” which followed him almost his entire career.

“Honestly, with the word “bust,” I used to throw it around when talking about myself. I kind of took the power away from it by saying it, like, “I might be a bust, but that’s somebody’s else personal thought.” I had an opportunity and it didn’t work out, which was unfortunate. It didn’t turn out the way that it was supposed to, but I think I was actually one heck of a basketball player back in the day. Funny story about that word “bust”: If you go to YouTube and type in “Greg Oden highlight video,” the best one is actually the one titled “Greg Oden: A Bust?” Go watch that. I’ve watched it. I actually watch it a lot, it makes me feel good about myself! (laughs)”

Here’s the YouTube video “Greg Oden: A Bust?”: