Team USA got a narrow win by six points (86-80) against Argentina in Barcelona. Durant was the scoring leader with 27 points. Ginobili scored 23, being the leader of his team.

Great game between the two American countries. Both Argentina and USA Team arrived to Barcelona decided to prove that they are on the right way to get a medal at the Olympics. The game was intense, but for some moments they seemed to be playing an Alll Star Game, letting all the good moments for the final ten minutes.

Although Team USA always controlled the game, Argentina managed to play its game. In fact, it seemed that Prigioni and Ginobili controlled the pace. But this USA Team can score in so many ways that they are really difficult to stop. With five names on the floor such as Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, you can do everything.

In fact, this team is designed to get the job done, no matter who is on the floor or who are they playing against. For example, LeBron James played at point guard on offense, while on defense he worked on power forwards and even centers, though he had some problems at this position.

One wonders what could had happened if Argentina had started better both the first and the second half. Bryant and Durant combined to score 14 points in the very beginning of the game, getting a 13 points lead that they would never lose in the end. Anyway, in a lossing effort, Argentina managed to be only 4 points down in the last quarter, thanks to Ginobili and Delfino, great players both of them. But it was just an illusion. LeBron took the ball it was all over.

When the game finished, Nocioni and Prigioni talked on Team USA being a beatable team. But in the end, nobody beats them. It seems that they are not going to dominate as expected, not even to compare them with the Original Dream Team. But they have the talent and the capacity to play hard when it is required.

On Tuesday, Team USA will play its final test against the Spanish National Team. The final proof to see which team is the main contender for the gold medal.