Kevin Durant’s manager talks about KD’s life, ambitions in the Nets team, return from injury

Photo: ClutchPoints

Rich Kleiman, Kevin Durant’s manager and business partner, had a couple of interviews and commented on his client’s life, decision to join the Nets, possible return from injury.

Commenting on Durant’s life in Brooklyn, Kleiman answered: “He loves it. I’ve seen it more recently now, maybe because his rehab is picking up. But he loves it. He looks like he’s fitting right in. Kevin wants to be able to do what he wants and move how he wants, and in New York City, people don’t care what you’re doing. Everybody moves at their own speed and I think he’s fitting right in. (Durant) works so hard that you can put him on the moon and he’s going rehab and work to this degree. So I think, for him, it doesn’t matter what city he’s in, he’s going to lock in. But who wouldn’t love living in New York?”

Talking about KD’s ambition in the Nets, Kleiman added: “I think he’s excited to really put Brooklyn on the map and really make that franchise something special. I think a lot of times people want to focus on why the Knicks didn’t get him and (less) on about what the Nets did to get Kevin and Kyrie there. And that’s a shame because it wasn’t in lieu of where the Knicks were. It was because Brooklyn was who they were.”

Kleiman couldn’t tell when we could be seeing KD playing again.

“It’s not like procrastinating. It’s like why have a conversation now that we just don’t have to have? Let him lock in on what he does everyday. The dude doesn’t miss a rep. He doesn’t miss a rep,” Kleiman said.