Bronny James is making his own name in the world of basketball

LeBron James, Bronny James
Photo: Jay LaPrete/Associated Press

NBA superstar Lebron James’ 15 year-old son Bronny is starting to make his own name in the world of basketball.

As Bronny James is going through his teenage years, more and more attention is coming to him.

It has been reported that, in less than nine months, Bronny’s Instagram following has grown by 3.5 million. Sierra Canyon has drawn crowds as large as 17,378 fans at a single game this season, more than triple the average attendance at a men’s DI college clash.

According to Bronny’s School’s at Sierra Canyon representative: “The fan interest piece of a once-in-a-lifetime player like LeBron is transcendent. LeBron [Sr.] captures the national interest, and that transcends to Bronny, When you have ‘LeBron James Jr.,’ you’ve got this already built-in name recognition, and now you’ve got ‘Bronny’ being built as a brand. That brand is linked to Sierra Canyon.” 

Are we seeing emergence of a potential NBA superstar in Bronny James? It seems that we are.