More tension between the two Greek teams fans during the final day of the tournament has resulted in the injury of retired Turkish player Ibrahim Kutluay.

Everything started when buses carrying Olympiacos fans arrived at the Sinan Erdem arena parking while Panathinaikos fans were at the same location. Then they proceeded to throw everything they had in hand at the buses, including beer bottles and rocks.

Several buses were extensively damaged and two Panathinaikos fans were arrested by the Turkish Police. There were no reports of an injury.

Earlier some Olympiacos fans had minor altercations with the police while trying to reach some Panathinaikos fans breaking the police lines.

Finally a hot-headed Olympiacos fan threw a battery on former Panathinaikos player Ibrahim Kutluay, who was commentating the game for the Turkish NTV Spor network. The battery hit him in the head.

Greek radio reports a total of 15 injured Greek fans during the last two days of unrest amongst their ranks.