The MVP of the EuroLeague 2021-2022 season, Nikola Mirotić from Barcelona will definitely have fans from his home country who came in Belgrade to support him.

As everyone in all four teams, Nikola Mirotić can’t wait for the games to start and he mentioned how lucky he is to be at the Final Four in Belgrade.

“As the rest of the team I am also excited to be here. We wished to be here at the beginning and I am so happy because we are in Serbia. There is no better place for Final Four than Belgrade. I am truly happy because all people here are real sport fans. The atmosphere will be extraordinary”, said Mirotić, who will also have family and friends in Arena to cheer for him.

As one of the respected players in Belgarde and Serbia, Mirotić will also have people from here to support him during this Final Four.

“Thanks to all people who support me, who admire me and who will be there tomorrow. Also, big part of my family will come also. So there will for sure be one part of Arena where there will only be my family. And for me, it is always pleasure to be here in Belgrade and especially to play basketball here”.

For now, Nikola Mirotić is only thinking about his next game, his next opponent and in this case it is Barcelona‘s huge rival Real Madrid.

“I don’t still think about the final. We need to take step by step. We will have difficult game in the semi-finals and this is the only thing we need to think about. If we made it into the finals, for me, there won’t be much difference who is on the opposite side. If you want to be a champion you must face them all”, said Mirotić.