Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Aleksandar Vezenkov from Olympiacos is facing his first EuroLeague Final Four in the professional career and is maybe the most improved player of the 2021/2022 season.

Vezenkov is presented in Belgrade as the member of the 2021-2022 All-EuroLeague first team and the power/small forward didn’t hide his excitement for being at the EuroLeague F4.

“I feel blessed because my team is here at the Final Four. And we will try to achieve even more. When I was young I was watching EuroLeague. I was watching it since 2005, and back than I was dreaming to be one of those guys. my dream came true so I am really blessed I am here”, said Sasha when he was asked if he ever imagined to to be the part of the F4.

Olympiacos is playing against Anadolu Efes in the first semi-final game and Sasha knows how challenging is to be the opponent of the Turkish club.

Efes is the great team, the EuroLeague champion with a really quality players, but we are here to play. We have to play 100% mentally and physically. To focus on our game and we will see what will happen. We also expect fans from Greece, we are sure they will be here for us, with a red T-shirts and it would be amazing to see them here”, Sasha finished his interview for