Banca Civica Seville managed to get its first victory after a bad losing streak. The victim was UCAM Murcia, which got a defeat by 76-60. Great game by Bogdanovic and Jasen. For Murcia, only Udoka played good minutes.

Seville managed to play a great game against a team they lost against at the beginning of the competition. This time they controlled the game completely, getting important advantages since the very first minutes of the match.

It’s true that Murcia arrived to Seville without its starting point guard, Josep Franch, who got rencetly injured. Moreover, they fired Rob Kurz a couple of days ago, letting go an important player on the paint without even sign a new player. But all this said, they never seemed to be a serious contender. After the first ten minutes, the local team already led the game by 15 points.

The difference continued increasing all along the game, reaching 22 points by the end of the third quarter. All that with Paul Davis being in foul troubles. This player needs to be more focused on defense, and most important, not to lose nerves when referees don’t call the way he wants it to. He has the feeling that he is not respected in the league. Sometimes it may be true, but not always, so he tends to erase himself from the game. And nothing happens when you play against Murcia, but it’s really important if the rival is Caja Laboral, as happened a couple of games ago when Davis ended the game hitting Milko Bjelica, exasperated by his hard defense.

Joan Plaza, local coach, put some young players on the court, doing all of them a good job. We have to mention Ondrej Balvin, a young fast czech center with good movements, though he has to improve a lot on defense. Time will tell.

Next game for Banca Civica will be next week against FC Barcelona Regal on the road. There we will see if this team continues to improve or get stuck in the middle of a bad streak.