Jeremy Lin started for the New York Knicks, scored 28 and dished out 8 assists, leading his team to victory 88-99 over visiting Jazz.

Oklahoma survive Denver in overtime as Durant pours in 33.

Clippers beat Magic on the road 107-102 in overtime.

All the results:

Los Angeles Lakers90-95Philadelphia 76ers
Toronto Raptors108-111Washington Wizards
Los Angeles Clippers107-102Orlando Magic
Chicago Bulls108-87New Jersey Nets
Utah Jazz88-99New York Knicks
Phoenix Suns99-90Atlanta Hawks
San Antonio Spurs89-84Memphis Grizzlies
Sacramento Kings100-92New Orleans Hornets
Houston Rockets99-90Denver Nuggets
Oklahoma City Thunder111-107Portland Trailblazers

Kobe Bryant passed Shaq on All-Time scoring list. Shaq had 28.596.

Clippers’ Billups badly injured his left Achilles.

The Thunder recalled Ryan Reid from the D-League.

Carmelo Anthony left the game midway in the first quarter with groin injury.

Yesterday’s top plays:


All the action:


Kobe passes to 5th place of All-Time scoring list: