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Top 5 must-have pair of basketball sneakers in 2020

Want to change your pair of sneakers before the next big game? Or maybe you got lucky from spinning the reels, so now you want to get a new flex-worthy item. We have prepared a list of the best must-have basketball sneakers in 2020!

Having quality basketball shoes can make the difference between a win and a loss. Though it might seem difficult to choose at first, since there are so many options, it is easy to find your perfect pair if you know what qualities to look for. The ideal sneakers make you feel comfortable, have good support for your feet, have high traction so you won’t fall or slip during the game and, of course, have “that fire look”.

Taking into consideration the qualities mentioned above, excluding peripheral issues like hype or exclusivity, we came up with a list of the top 5 game-changing pair of sneakers that you need on court if you want to increase your chances of winning. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it:

Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3

If you choose the ClutchFit technology, your basketball sneakers will stretch and support your feet and let them breathe. The external heel counter and intershank will assure you get all the stability and support you need, while the bear trap style lacing system locks your foot into the shoe and gives you a gorgeous fit.

The Achilles pillow grants the wearer more comfort around the heel area, which is generally affected during the game. The charged cushioning containing Micro G Foam will generate energy on impact and can potentially give you that extra little boost you need to score the decisive point. With ClutchFit Drive 3 you won’t have to worry about skidding or falling while on court because the rubber soles gives you the ideal traction and let’s you move around the opponents with ease – like walking on a cloud!

Overall, this pair of sneakers is worth every penny. It will enhance your gameplay without giving up on comfort or stability.

Nike LeBron 17

Let’s find out if the most expensive (non-hype) pair of sneakers is really worth the $200. The Zoom cushioning combined with the Max Air unit located in the heel is simply amazing – it provides lots of bounce and impact protection. We are talking about LeBron after all. The latest Knitposite upper material is soft, thick and comfortable. However, it gets hot after playing for a while. The opinions on the traction are contradictory. Some say it is simply the best ever, especially for translucent rubber, but some say it wasn’t really effective, no matter the quality of the court.

All in all, LeBron 17 is a solid pick, especially if you are heavy, and want some reliable shoes that are still comfortable. The main issue is the $200 price tag, but it will for sure pay off in time. Just look how amazing this pair of kicks looks!

Basketball Shoe Kyrie 5

The newest addition to the Kyrie series, the Kyrie 5 sneakers are ideal for doing fast crossovers and attack the basket in unique ways! The latest Zoom Air Turbo cushioning technology is rigid and enhanced for the surface of the court. The disadvantages of the Kyrie 5 is the impact protection and the delayed traction. Other than that, these shoes are for sure the best choice for those trying to ball like Kyrie Irving.

Air Jordan 34

For number 34, the Jordan brand has decided not to focus on implementing elements from its retros and instead delivering a lightweight and high performing pair of shoes. 

The herringbone traction pattern of these shoes will assist you no matter the condition and the cushioning is less clunky. This makes the number 34 an ideal choice for a well-balanced ride.

The flexible and breathable materials these Jordans are made of aren’t exactly premium but they make the shoes a lot lighter compared to other models, without penalizing the balance and support, due to the Eclipse plate in the midfoot.

Other than the high retail price, the Air Jordan 34 is a great choice and the best pair available since the release of number 29!

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

A high-performance pair of sneakers that will make you feel like a true NBA player. The Primeknit Xeno upper and the mesh tongue adds breathability while still being lightweight, which allows a better airflow and keeps your feet dry. The lacing system wraps the entire foot in order to relieve the pressure on the arches and the molded heel piece will lock your foot down to assure that there is no slipping happening.

The sole is made from rubber and gives you amazing traction which will make you quick and take away the fear of slipping.

The Crazy Explosive is a very well-made shoe and it checks off all the qualities of a great basketball sneaker, while also having a competitive price.

These are the must-haves you should definitely take a look at or even try on before you decide which pair suits you best. They give you all the comfort you are looking for, nice looks, and will surely help you have a nice performance on the basketball court. Which ones are you going to go for?

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