Kendrick Perkins says Kevin Durant ‘is not in his right mind’

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Former NBA player Kendrick Perkins had more to say on his Twitter feud with Kevin Durant. Perkins discussed the topic with his former teammate Brian Scalabrine on “Scal and Pals” podcast.

Perkins again criticised KD for being too sensitive even saying, as reported by Sean Deveney of Heavy:

“He needs help,” Perkins told the Scal and Pals radio show, with Brian Scalabrine (Perkins’ former teammate with the Celtics), on “That’s what he needs, he needs help. Because the guy is not in his right mind, bro. Just think about it, you a guy who has worked and is worth over $300 million or $400 million. Who cares? You the back-to-back Finals MVP. Who cares?”

Perkins called Durant, “the most sensitive guy in the world,” and noted that other star players get more criticism than Durant but don’t spend their time firing off defensive tweets.

“Like, you don’t see LeBron James arguing with people on Twitter,” Perkins said. “And they talk about LeBron James every day. You don’t see Anthony Davis arguing with people on Twitter, you don’t see nothing—you don’t even see Russell Westbrook or James Harden arguing with people on Twitter. But guess who you do see? You see Kevin Durant. It seems like a lack of insecurity (sic) there.”

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