Stan Van Gundy on Boban Marjanovic: “I should’ve played him more”

Boban Marjanovic Dallas Mavericks
Photo: Bleacher Report

The former head coach of the Detroit Pistons, Stan Van Gundy, admitted he should have given more playing time to Boban Marjanovic.

“Look, I feel like one of the things coming out of my time in Detroit – you always evaluate yourself – I should’ve played him more. I really should’ve. And I think there are other coaches that would say the same thing.

As the coach, you tend to think about the defensive end of the floor all the time. And he can be a problem there but the man’s unstoppable and unselfish and the whole thing… I wish I would’ve played him more,” Van Gundy told NBA TV.

Marjanovic played for the Pistons for two years (2016-2018).