Radoslav Nesterovic has announced his retirement from professional basketball from Lithuania, where he is currently, as an advisor of Slovenia NT, Slovenian website siol.net reports.

He made the announcement talking to reporters, where he stated:

“I believe my basketball career has ended. It’s enough. I’ve had a 17 years long professional basketball career. My latest injury has nothing to do with this decision. This was a personal decision. Basically I can’t function as I did in the past, anymore. If I can’t be at my 100% as a l player, I would rather do something else at the fullest.” and continued:

“I don’t want to become a coach. I don’t want to speak about me in any managerial function in any club. This is hard to admit but these days the clubs are turning to the amateur side of the sport due to financial hardships. The properly functioning clubs are numbered. I would like to work with children, it would make me happy. They get you, you get them and most importantly things are more relaxed with them.”

Nesterovic concluded his career in Greece, playing for Olympiacos after having a great career in NBA, for over a decade. He is one of the handful of players to have won both a Euroleague and an NBA championship.

Source: siol.net