Olimpija’s main target for the center position, Radoslav Nesterovic has rejected their offer, as EXCLUSIVELY TalkBasket is in position to know.

The Slovenian runner-ups have been waiting for well over a month for the player’s reply, even patiently waiting for him to return from his Canada vacation, but in vain.

The player informed the club that he does not wish to move back to Ljubljana for permanent settlement, as he considers Belgrade as his new home. It is unknown whether Nesterovic will play in Belgrade, as today Partizan denied that they have made an offer to the player, after some rumours suggested it yesterday.

The rejection was finalised at the Adecco Ex-Yugo Cup tournament which is taking place in Ljubljana these days and where both the player (practicing there) and his agent (Filipovic) are present.

This development will now release a big chunk of Olimpija’s next season budget, which was put aside for Nesterovic, which will allow the club to move for other players. On other news, the club has renewed Damir Markota’s contract for the next season.