Following yesterday’s dramatic developments of the Bourousis case, more information has been leaked regarding the player’s relationship with Kavala FC major shareholder Makis Psomiades.

We present you another phone conversation between the two parties, on the noon of March 31, just hours before Siena-Olympiacos game, the fourth of the series, which sealed Olympiacos’ faith in Euroleague. {jathumbnail off}

The dialogue is presented “as it is” in the case file of the game fixing and doping scandal which is rocking Greece since yesterday and is a result of the phone interceptions carried out by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) of Greece.

Psomiades: Yannis I wanted to call this time, instead of texting you, to wish you good luck.

Bourousis: You did well. We just finished practice Mr. Makis.

Psomiades: So Yannis my boy, I have just one thing to tell you. Forget everything that happened in the last game [Olympiacos lost]. Forget that the coach has wronged you etc. Play for yourself, you hear me?

Bourousis: I hear you Mr. Makis.

Psomiades: Play for yourself and only you. Don’t think of the previous game.

Bourousis: Yes, you’re right. I also have the… I didn’t take the “vitamin” before the last game because I was running low and I will use it tonight. I have almost half a packet left.

Psomiades: Play for yourself and nobody else. Don’t be stressed and don’t think about anything.

Bourousis: What did the newspaper write? I didn’t get the chance to read them.

Psomiades: Don’t worry about it, what could they write? Ignore them, show your balls and finish them.

Bourousis: Sure, I will do my best.

Psomaides: You decide the game tonight, OK?

Bourousis: Will do Mr. Makis.

Psomiades: Good luck Big Yannis.

Makis Psomiades

For the record Bourousis was Olympiacos’ best player that night with 16 points, 6 rebounds and 21 ranking while in the third game of the series, just two days prior to that he went scoreless, grabbing 6 rebounds and getting a ranking of 2.

The video of the said game, Montepaschi Siena-Olympiacos, Game 4. March 31, 2011