May 6, 2011. The General Assembly of the Union of European Leagues of Basketball (ULEB) was held in Barcelona today. Chaired by ULEB President Eduardo Portela, the Assembly approved the admission of the Russian League (PBL), a fact that, according to Portela ” indicates that the structure of the professional basketball leagues is in good health at a continental level, as evidenced by the fact that the PBL asked for membership a few months after its inception and has been granted admission before its first anniversary. It is gratifying that a country of such importance and potential as Russia, with a young professional league, has wanted to be part of the ULEB. We welcome them and will work in depth with them. “

The Russian League, founded in 2010, has been represented in the Assembly by the Chairmen of the Board, Andrey Vatutin, who is also the President of PBC CSKA Moscow. The PBL becomes the 16th member of the ULEB, and its admission is the first since the Israeli League (BSL) became part of the Union in the summer of 2005.

The Assembly, which also counted in its second half with the presence of FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin as a guest, has also reviewed the finances of the ULEB, the situation in European club competitions, and the various scenarios regarding the eligibility of players in each of the member Leagues of the ULEB.