Almost five years ago two basketball enthusiasts decided that they were not covered by the European (and international basketball) coverage offered by some professional (and not) media and decided to make their voice heard. Five years later, many more people added to TalkBasket crew, thousands of articles later, becoming Euroleague media partners, having reporters covering a FIBA World Championship, Eurobasket, Euroleague Final Fours, play-offs and finals of some of the best European Leagues and more the non-profit TalkBasket website decided to take it to the next level.

The crew is always looking for ways to improve the site in order to maximise the pleasure our readers receive during the time they spend reading it. The latest result of our efforts is in front of your eyes. We felt that the website needed a facelift, in order to make a step towards better future. Welcome to the new homepage of!

The new modern website offers lots of handy features and can be adjusted to meet everyone’s taste. You can now choose your favourite layout with a single click. If you prefer another color scheme than the default one, all you need to do is click on ‘Cpanel’ button which can be found on the top right-hand corner.

From now on you are in control of the site. Do you want to read news from a category that is not displayed on the homepage? That’s not a problem anymore. View the news that are the most interesting to you by choosing your preferred news categories. In addition to that, you may also change the layout in which those news are displayed. Among many features of the new homepage is the display of the featured news which displays some of the most popular TB articles of all times. That way you can remember some of the more important events of the past.

Of course, like in life, nothing is easy and nothing is perfect. So you will notice some imperfections, errors, technical and display issues and mistakes and some “weird” and “outdated” news during the first weeks of the new website being “on-air”. The simple way to explain is that due to our new design, the way article URLs are being generated has changed. Since the website has produced thousands and thousands of article pieces in the past five years it is practically impossible to edit all of them. All we, TalkBasket and its readers, can do for now is wait it out and in a couple of months everything will be back to normal.

There’s more to come from soon so please stay tuned and don’t miss it! In the meantime if you have any complaints, remarks or suggestions, or simply want to mingle with a vibrant basketball community you can visit our, state of the art, Forums! Alternatively you can get in touch with us via Facebook, twitter or even using the “about” and “contact us” button on our website.

Yours truly,

TalkBasket Crew