ImageHello again fans, you are all probably watching the Eurobasket right now, me too! But it seems that one former player will miss the second stage of the tournament, unless they have TVs in jail, due to his arrest for having a small arsenal hidden.

The ex-basketball player Michail Misunov, a FYROM national, was arrested in Thessaloniki for possession of multiple firearms and forged documents amongst other items. More spesifically the anti-terrorist unit of Greek police found two pistols, one handgun and two anti-tank rocket propelled grenades RPG-7.

According to my girlfriends in Greece it is not the first time that Misunov gets in trouble with the law as he has also been arrested in the past for credit card fraud. This time he is accused of receiving loans from banks on false IDs and other documents along with three other persons that are being held under custody.

Misunov was born in Moscow in 1964 and he was part of the highly successful Aris team of the late 80s and early 90s that reached three consecutive Final Fours. He played for Aris from 1987 to 1997 winning 4 championships, 4 cups and the 1993 Korac Cups.