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He has done it again. Denis Rodman had a ‘little’ party while in Germany and his guests had one too many beers as it seems, because the bill was apparently too big for Rodman’s pocket, so after refusing to pay it he was detained.

Rodman was in the Germany city of Trier to compete in an exhibition game with other veterans but could not stay out of trouble and away from alcohol. So he organised a party in the hotel he was staying in where his guests drank alcohol worth of 3.400 euros (about $5.100).

Next morning the hotel management presented the bill to him but Rodman refused to pay saying that the company which was organising the exhibition game would pay for it. But they had a different idea and declined paying for the bill too, so the hotel management had no choice than to call the “Polizei” on Rodman.

According to German sources Police intercepted the limousine taking Rodman to Frankfurt airport and took him to the Police station where he paid the bill plus another 1700 euros (about $2500) for bail in order to be allowed to leave.