Rick Pitino and Louisville resolved their dispute

Rick Pitino
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Rick Pitino and the University of Louisville have reached a settlement regarding their lawsuits, which were filed in 2017.

Pitino will receive no money from Louisville, while his personal file will reflect that he resigned from his place as head coach of the team.

“Today, I move on to a new chapter in my life. I am very proud of the many accomplishments my teams achieved at Louisville.

I’m so thankful and honored to coach such dedicated athletes. I’m also disappointed in how it ended. But as head coach I am held responsible for the actions of all team members,” the Hall of Famer coach said in a statement released by his lawyer.

Pitino sued the University of Luisville, seeking more than $35M, while the university filed counterclaims, pursuing damages allegedly caused by the former basketball coach.