ImageJaka Lakovic is one of the best paid players of the roster of Regal Barcelona. He is a talented player who has showed his skills many times. In fact, he was a superstar signing when Barca got him after he left Greek powerhouse Panathinaikos, where Jaka was an idol.

But things are not the same in Barcelona. After sharing the main role with Navarro for one season under Dusko’s charge, Lakovic did not shine as expected in the last season… and now Navarro is back with Coach Pascual having more confidence in him.

If Basketball was not in related with money it would be clear that the best choice is to have the best possible players in the roster, but in cases like this it is not very profitable spending so much money in two players whose skills are overlapped and they are not very compatible.

Besides, there were rumours about Barcelona looking for a new team for Lakovic, when Jaka was ready to go they did not reach an agreement to cancel the contract… and then the Catalonian team signed another scorer guard like Barret who played more minutes than Jaka in the first official game of the season.

It seems that the Slovenian star is not passing through his best times in Spain, and he would be doing it better in other top teams.