In an unexpected turn of events Dusan Ivkovic have resigned from the head coach position of Serbia National Team.

Ivkovic made his decision known in a letter he sent to the president of Serbian Basketball Federation, Dragan Kapicic, mentioning the following: “The circumstances which are very well known to everyone, I am not fit physically and mentally anymore to continue the work that I started in 2008.” and continued:

“Being the coach of the Serbian National Team was a great honour and recognition for me. You know that I never asked when I would receive my salary. During the 1992-95 embargo years it were the toughest times for our country and basketball. I worked for the National Team entire voluntarily, rejecting the proposed salary. The same goes for the 1996-99 stint.

I am grateful to all members of the coaching staff with whom I have worked in previous years. I thank all the players who have been in the program since 2008. I am sure you will understand why I pulled out of our agreement, to coach until London 2012.

Qualifying to the Olympic Games via Eurobasket 2011 will not be easy, but once the team makes it there, they will have more experience and tools to do better than they did in last year’s World Championship.”