Ricky Rubio Spain
Photo: FIBA.Basketball

Ricky Rubio had an incredible performance in the win of the Spanish national team against Serbia in a game that may prove vital for both teams.

Despite the great games in the World Cup, the summer didn’t start under the best circumstances for the Spanish point guard.

First of all, his former team, the Utah Jazz, were not interested in re-signing him during the free agency period.

Secondly, he joined the Phoenix Suns a couple of months earlier, one of the worst teams of the NBA in the last few years.

Furthermore, while being a legit starting point guard in the last few seasons, the decision of the Suns to hand him a three-year, $51 million deal was deemed as the worst move of the offseason, according to ESPN’s survey.

Ricky Rubio Spain
Photo: FIBA.Basketball

Namely, ESPN contacted a survey asking 20 coaches, general managers and scouts several questions about the off-season of the NBA, with six of them claiming that the Suns made the worst move regarding the free agency.

Evidently, Rubio had something to prove this year and the first “glimpse” of what is coming in the next few months is very encouraging.

Rubio, 28, has been great in the FIBA Basketball World Cup, leading the undefeated Spanish National Team to the quarter finals and scoring 14.6 points per game on 41.5% in FG% and 41.2% from the three point line.

Additionaly, you can also add to that the 84% from the free-throw line, the 4.8 assists and the 3.6 rebounds per game as well as the second best efficiency rating in his team (14.4).

All that could lead us to the conclusion that Rubio’s contribution is instrumental in the 5-0 record of the Spanish national team in this competition.

After two mediocre games against Iran and Italy, Rubio was the leader of his team in the perimeter against the talented national team of Serbia.

Namely, he scored 19 points, while having 5 rebounds and 4 assists on a +16 in the plus/minus category.

Rubio needs to show the necessary continuity against Poland in order to lead Spain to the semi-finals of the Basketball World Cup.

Moreover, he has to prove that he is ready for the challenges ahead of him in a very demanding and long season in the NBA with the Phoenix Suns.