Photo: LA Clippers

Brian Scalabrine thinks that the Los Angeles Clippers, who added the big duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, both of whom are two-way players, won’t have a hard time meshing because of the defensive identity.

The White Mamba discussed the subject in an interview with Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype:

“The teams that have a defensive identity will get a stop and then when you flow off of a miss, I feel like the ball moves better and it feels like “we” are on offense. Off of a make or when the other team is on a run, I think it feels more like “me.” Guys start thinking, “I’m going to be the one who stops this run right now.” The players with an offensive mindset feel like they can just answer on the other end, whereas with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, I think those guys react by buckling down even more on the defensive end when things start to go sideways (which happens to every team at times). I feel like the Clippers won’t have any problems figuring it out because they have such good defensive players, and I didn’t even mention Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley! I think they have the recipe for success: Two-way players who can each carry the load offensively along with some other hard-nosed guys. I really don’t think the Clippers will have a hard getting this team to mesh. I do feel like the Rockets will have a hard time getting their team to mesh, and maybe the Celtics will have a hard time, even though they added Kemba Walker, because of the guys that they’ll miss. But of all the rebuilding teams , I think the Clippers will have the easiest time.”