Pau Gasol Steve Nash
Photo: Bleacher Report

Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash talked about his former teammate in the Los Angeles Lakers (2012/13) Pau Gasol.

Here is what the Canadian point guard told The Ringer:

“I don’t think it was a great fit. It was a great idea, it was a great opportunity. I think everyone thought this [winning a championship] will happen.

But then, when it started [regular season] happening — a lot of factors: one, I broke my knee in the first or second game, whenever it was. I was never the same, I’m still not the same.

Pau [Gasol] I think was going through a stretch where he’s exhausted from playing for Spain all throughout the summers. Dwight came off the back surgery.

I don’t think Metta [World Peace] was quite the same. Although he could still hurt people and still had his moments, he wasn’t quite as dynamic as he was. And I don’t think we fit great. You add it all up, I don’t think that it would have ever worked. It was doomed.”