ImageIn a thrilling game, as to the points margin and not as to the winner, Latvia failed to secure an 8 (or more) points difference win and as a result it was Germany who made it to the next round.

Latvia started the game very nervously as they got a technical in the opening minutes of the game, and as that wasn't enough, Hamann hit a threepointer and Germany led 4-0. Both teams are famous for their physical game and their rather limited pffensive talent, so naturally the first quarter ended with a low score and Latvia leading 14-13.

Led by Helmans and Walters Latvia made an impressive 10-0 run over Germany in the second quarter and went to the locker rooms with an 8 points margin, 35-27. Germany was determined not to lose by more than 8 and at the beginning of the second half made a 6-0 run for 35-33. But Skele had allthe answers from Latvia  and with two back-to-back three pointers gave LAtvia a qualifying lead, 9 points, 551-42, at the end of the third quarter.

Last quarter was not for the faint hearted. While Latvia was missing their free throws (19/38 total, 50%), Greece did everything he could have done to keep Germany losing under 8 points. Janicenoks gave Latvia a more than last qualifying lead, 68-57 with 22 seconds to go, but Jagla hit one of the most important threepointers of his life to make it 68-60. An as that was not enough he grabbed a defensive rebound after Latvia's missed shot and with two free throws made the final 68-62 which saw Germany going through.


Latvia: Helmanis 6, Vitols, Skele 10, Blums 5, Valters 10, Kambala 11, Stalbergs, Janicenoks 11, Biedrins 10 (9 rebounds)
Germany: Staiger, Schaffartzik 7 (5 assists), Schultze 4, Ohlbrecht 3, Wysocki 2, Hamann 5, Greene 16, Harris 5, Femerling 5, Benzing 2, Jagla 13 (7 rebounds)

Game quotes:

Jan Hendrik Jagla: "We just wanted to go to the next round. I don't think somebody really counted the points and knew what's going on up to the end. We just tried to win the game. We played hard as a team and kept them close. We qualified to the next round, it's amazing."

Dirk Bauermann (Germany head coach): "It was probably the best loss I've ever had. It's a great feeling to lose a game like that and achieve something that nobody thought that we could achieve. We qualified from a very difficult group. It's an incredible achievement for those young boys. My team was great yesterday but today showed mental toughness and a lot of desire. Jagla was our hero today, it was a great thing what he has done today."

Uvis Helmanis: "It's hard to say something after this loss. We didn't lose but we don't go to the next round. Everybody was fighting today, we did a great job but last 20 seconds we were a little bit to slow and Jagla made a shot. I'm sad."

Kestutis Kemzura (Latvia head coach): "It's hard to say any comment to this game. It was a tough game for us and for the German team. It was a do-or-die game. We dominated most of the time and we had a game in our hands. Some misunderstandings and Jagla had an open shot. We didn't do what we were supposed to do."