Kaspars BerzinsKestutis Kemzura cut Kaspars Berzins (Fuenlabrada) from Team Latvia due to disciplinary reasons. Reportedly the main reason is last night in Turkey. Supposedly, Kemzura had given green light for a free evening as long as it was kept under control.

The report is that Berzins is pretty shocked about this move and team supposedly might rally behind his back. What makes this situation a little tricky is that Biedrins and Berzins are like BFFs and who knows what will come next.

People are predicting that Berzins might be taken back in the team, but that would kill Kemzura's authority in the team.

Tonight there is a TV show where guests will be Janicenoks, Helmanis and coach Miglinieks. So that might shed some light on the situation since noone is really willing to give some official statements at this point of time.

This cut leaves Latvia very thin in frontcourt since we have Biedrins and Kambala, but then there is Helmanis and young Freimanis who is not really ready.