Photo: ClutchPoints

Ex-NBA player Kenyon Martin thinks that his former Nuggets and Knicks teammate Carmelo Anthony is still a full-fledged NBA player and deserves a spot in the league:

Per HoopsHype: “My experience with Melo was cool because I understand Melo. I understand basketball, I understand people and I understand situations, so my with Melo experience was fine. Can he still help an NBA team? Of course. It’s unfortunate that he’s in the situation that he’s in. Him sitting down with Stephen A. Smith? Oh well, it is what it is. I wouldn’t have done it, but it is what it is. He definitely deserves a spot in the NBA. I do think “farewell tours” are f*cking overrated. He wants to play the game of basketball. That’s what it should be about,” Martin said.