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Delroy James took to Instagram on Wednesday 31/07) and said AEK Athens owes him money and has not paid him yet.

Here is what the American player wrote:

“Being professional is who I am, the two seasons spent was with love, honor, and respect by me to the people and the organization of AEK.

We all sign contracts for a reason, if a player disobeys that contract, he will be penalized and the team will for sure penalize the player with zero hesitation.

Every player that goes overseas does it for the love of the game and for the love of their family and being able to provide.

I have a Son. The organization of AEK KNOWS I have a SON and the assistance and great attention he needs, but day by day, week by week, they LIE TO ME and test my patience as a Man, a Father and a provider.

Like I started this piece on AEK, BEING PROFESSIONAL IS WHO I AM. Please try and pay the players what they are owed. You are taking food out of families’ mouth. And we know you would not do it on your own. Thanks.”

James signed a two-year (1+1) contract with AEK Athens in January. He won the 2019 FIBA Intercontinental Cup.

This is his second stint with the club. He also played for the Greek team in the 2017/18, claiming the 2018 Basketball Champions League title and the 2018 Greek Cup.