Dirk BauermannDirk Bauermann, Head Coach of the German National Team announced the 21 players that will take part in the preparation camp. Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman are not on the list, since they have not announced yet if they will play at the Eurobasket.

Bauermann's list consists of many new faces as a result of the retirement of many core players from the Naional Team, namely: Patrick Femmerling, Pascal Roller, Robert Garrett and Mithat Demirel and Demond Greene has also stated that he's taking the summer off.

Here is Germany's list:

Dominik Bahiense de Mello
Robin Benzing
Bastian Doreth
Gordon Geib
Per Günther
Steffen Hamann
Elias Harris
Johannes Herber
Yassin Idbihi
Jan-Hendrik Jagla
Johannes Lischka
Tim Ohlbrecht
Ademola Okulaja
Tibor Pleiss
Heiko Schaffartzik
Sven Schultze
Philipp Schwethelm
Lucca Staiger
Konrad Wysocki
Maik Zirbes
Philip Zwiener