Photo: ClutchPoints

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith says if the Los Angeles Lakers acquire forward Andre Iguodala, who still belongs to the Memphis Grizzlies, they would win the championship:

“I’m on the mindset that the Los Angeles Clippers or the Los Angeles Lakers should be the favorite to win the title. I believe that the Los Angeles Clippers have a better all-around team, but they don’t have the greatest dynamic duo. The greatest dynamic duo in basketball right now is LeBron James and Anthony Davis. I would like everybody to be reminded we might be calling Anthony Davis the best player on the planet by next summer.

In the sport of basketball, when you have two dudes that are that elite, that great, with that size and athleticism available to them and then you got Kuzma, you still got a point guard in Rondo, Quinn Cook, who’s been on the championship Warriors roster for a while and can give you some quality minutes off the bench; Danny Green can still play defense, can still hit spot-up shots. If you added Iguodala to that squad, it ain’t nothing to talk about,” Smith said, per Fadeaway World.