Janis Timma Khimki
Photo: YouTube

Janis Timma referred to his departure from Olympiacos and his decision to sign with Khimki.

Here is what the Latvian forward told Sportacentrs:

On leaving Olympiacos: “I started the season in Greece and I think the start was pretty good. It was a new team, a new league, a new environment, a new coach.

Taking all this into consideration, I started well, but because of some coincidence of circumstances, the season did not continue in that spirit. At the end I decided that I didn’t want to sit on the bench as a reserve, but I wanted to play.”

On joining Khimki: “Then also the factor of “Khimki” club, which was ready to sign a contract with me in ten minutes.

I very much appreciate it – their trust in me and the fact that they were confident that I will help them.

Overall, the season was different than before, but each new experience is good and the best one to take.”

Timma played for Khimki in the second part of the season, on loan from Olympiacos, averaging 16.1 points in the VTB League. He then signed a two-year contract with the Russian club.