CSKA and Caja Laboral will play in the US

The two teams that will travel to the US and face NBA teams this year are CSKA Moscow and Caja Laboral who will play two games each on American soil, facing the Memphis Grizzlies, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers.

On the 14th of October Caja Laboral will face the Grizzlies in Memphis and CSKA will step up against the Thunder in Oklahoma City.

Two days later, on the 16th of October, the Spurs will host Caja Laboral in San Antonio and the Cavaliers will play against CSKA in Cleveland.

In addition to that on the 3rd of October AJ Milano will host the New York Knicks and on the 7th , Barcelona will meet their former player, Pau Gasol, as they host the Los Angeles Lakers in a matchup of the Euroleague Champions against the NBA Champions.

London and Paris have no competitive teams to present against NBA competition so the two cities will host games between NBA teams. On the 4th of October the Lakers will face the Timberwolves in London and on the 6th the Timberwolves will step up against the Knicks in Paris.