ULEBThe ULEB Assembly held in Barcelona today has worked on the current status of the Union, and on the necessary impulse to this body representing the interests of European Leagues.

In the light of this situation, a new meeting will be called in approximately three months, to keep working in depth in those issues that may be interesting for the Leagues and, more specifically, to analyse the work that a commission will make on the current status of competitions and projects of future.

This working group will be formed by Leagues of Spain (ACB), Greece (HEBA), Italy (LEGA), Adriatic (ABA), France (LNB), Germany (BBL), Belgium (BLB) and Israel (BSL).

Eduardo Portela, President of ULEB, stated that "it's been an intense day. All the Leagues have expressed their ideas during the meeting, in order to work together and to reinforce the role of ULEB in European basketball".

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