Hedo TurkogluAs the ESPN network reported today, the game 5 of the NBA Finals could be Turkoglu's last game for Orlando Magic as they can not afford to keep him anymore. Could this mean that some European powerhouses might chase Turkoglu in the summer market? The current financial crisis is making it less realistic but it seems but we have got a long and hot summer in front of us.

The Turkish star has a player option worth $7.5 million for another season but it is almost certain that he will not use that option and become an unrestricted free agent before July 1 when NBA teams can offer contracts.

Being already 30 Turkoglu will go after a multi-year contract that could be his last lucrative deal before he is past his prime. Although the chances are that he will remain in the NBA with a long term contract worth a bit more than $10 million/per season a move to Europe should not be ruled out as a tax-free European contract worth around 6 million euros is the equivalent of the aforementioned NBA contract.

It may sound as a lot but of money for one player in Europe, but after all Josh Childress is being paid around 4.5 million euros per season tax-free, so a proven European NBA star could ask and get more.

The final questions is, is any European club willing to make such an extravagant big for Turkoglu amidst the global financial crisis? Only time will tell.